Like choosing an Agency of Web Marketing

10 lines guide in order to find the web-partner ideal


(edited by Michele De Capitani Web Marketing Services)



Small introduction


More and more often is spoken about Internet, of its potentialities of as to be able to take advantage of them in order to create new business. At first - to the dawn of the new-economy - the presence on-line, has been promoted from operating the Internet and adopted from the overwhelming majority of the Italian PMI like “Display window on the world” where to inside insert the images of the own products and services inside of created pages web without a true final objective.

From here, the Italian uneasiness is generalized towards this new average advertising. Indeed, limiting the situated Internet to a pure and simple “Exposure”, a lot difficultly will be able to be caught up objects and goals in terms of return of investment (ROI) and generation to you of new transactions.


Then is all an enormous swindle?


Sure that not! Internet and the promotion on-line is most powerful instruments of Marketings that can really obtain economic returns and make to be born new opportunities of gain and integration of the advertising average classics.


The important is, like in every decision of business strategy, to choose the ideal partner who is in a position to guiding the Internet plan towards the satisfaction of objects to you prefixed..


What I will learn?


In these terms, I have thought to realize this minium-guide for give some cues to you in order to at best select your agency of Web Marketing for the promotion on-line of your website ones.


What I will not learn?


From this guide you will not learn some technique of optimization for the positioning on the search engines or to program in HTML in order to create instruments of web marketing.


To who it is turned?


This guide is dedicated to anyone is interested to the investment on-line, in particolar way for Responsibles of Marketing and Entrepreneurs whom they want to pick the Internet opportunities place side by side to you from partner professional and reliable.


How it is structured?


The guide is composed from 10 simple councils (lines guides).


1) Not only Marketing


Many advertising agencies, in the within of the Traditional Marketing, improvises “expert of Internet marketing” thinking about being able to apply to the same mechanisms and rules used for the classic promotion on the average traditional (television, radio, prints, etc.).


In order to make web marketing effectively, enough not to have a general preparation of marketing, but it is necessary to be informs to you and to interpret the behavior of the customers on-line, as they interact with the portali, where they try information, to which products and services are interested, like they acquire or because they do not acquire via Internet.


In order to make that, a effort in comprising is demanded the business strategies them and promozionali that the customers of the net preprefer, using and testing continuously I affixed instruments to you of web marketing.




2) To inform is synonymous of professionality


Would never acquire one machine used from one disowned? Not task, and then because to buy services of web marketing “to the Czech”. You expect from your agency of web marketing, to explain to you in simple way but detailed the products that mean to offer to you, in particolar way it concentrates to you on:


·              Eventual advantages of the service risks

·              Operation (if necessary also technical)

·              Times of analysis and Times realization

·              Times previewed for the attainment of object

·              Considerations to you of who have already have ud of of the service

·              Costs (to a tantum,  etc.)


 If six not convinced, interpella other advisers and choose who offer to you better and greater guarantees for the attainment of yours object to you.




3) Products and services to HOC


Every Hoc field and every company have the own requirements, different the une from the others. You always choose produced it personalizes to you and it studies “on measure” for you and your Internet plan to you, even if less expensive, not to trust to you of  the services standard: you will spend sure less but your investment will not have the same economic return regarding the purchase of a service purposely studied and developed on your idea of business, listening to your requirements and proposing personalized solutions to you.



4) To grow together


The true partner is he who does not limit itself to sell a service or a advising but, on the contrary, is those that an increase proposes to just the customer entirety, is in turns out to you is in the investments.


In fact the ideal solution, for a company that shows oneself for before the time to the world of the Web Marketing, is to begin with budget concentrates you to the attainment of little objects to you. Once stated effectively the validity of the service and the real return of the investment, will be the hour to increase the investments in order to pursue others object more ambitiouses to you.



5) To reason to object to you


In the previous points, I have always spoken about objects to you, just because every agency would have to reason to target (firm points and goals to above all catch up) in the within of the Web Marketing.


With this concept, it is necessary to set up a plan of web marketing, instrument that allows to set up and to clear all objects to it to you to pursue that they are the only motivation of investment in the promotion on-line.



6) The improvements of being direct and therefore effective


The Internet universe is a market that Serbian many perplexities to who want to find new channels trade them. Therefore, the marketing agency must be turned to you with simple language so as to to render effectiveness “every single word”.


This because the web it is synonymous of speed and dynamics where only a directed expression, can render the message really effectiveness.



7) The positioning is not all


Very to be positioneted on the search engines does not have to be considered like the last aim of the Web Marketing, but of for himself is half in order to catch up one scope. Not to trust to you from who says to only make promotion on-line with positioning services, in fact your objective must not to be to obtain 1.000.000 of customers to the day, but that one to sell your products, to increase the enrolled one to yours newsletter or to increase i contacts, etc.


In these terms to be between the first positions for generic words is not sufficient, is necessary to highly generate targettizzato traffic, interested to how much you propose on your situated one and to convince it to carry out an action (that it is: purchase, registration to one newsletter/forum, compilation of a module or participation to one survey, etc.)



8) References and feedback


Other optimal parameter of appraisal in order to understand as an agency of web marketing works is to see its portfolio customers. Careful but: not to limit you to the mink of only marks and the names introduce to you, but currency the effectives turns out to you finds to you from the customers trying of the feedbacks.


Normally, who has a package authoritative customers and satisfied she does not think to other that to exhibit them, therefore if on the situated one of the agency she does not find feedback and comments of who she has used the services could be already an index to which to place much attention.


In any case, council not to exclude a priori who to you does not introduce just portfolio the customers, for the simple fact that could be be a matter of a young truth (Internet is a market in continuous expansion and with always new professional figures) that it does not have still an immense park customers therefore to render it public or for time lack they have not been still to collect the opinions of the consumers. On the other hand, a good exposure and management of the customer satisfaction can be considered like extremely positive characteristic.



9) Attention to the special relationships


Google®, therefore like the other main search engines, does not have relationships privileges with no agency of positioning or web marketing to you. Who promises “preferential treatments” or particular recommendations in the world of the keywords advertising, are mentendo spudoratamente (also the same Google® in its lines guide for the WebMaster filler: “… not to trust to you from agencies SEO - Search Enging Optimization - that they reveal of having relationships privileges to you with the search engine…”).



10) Attention to the miracles


Currently, in the Internet world, nobody can gives the certainty to you of the result, of the much less situated organic positioning of your in 2-3 work days to you, for reached with costs extremely competiti to you. You are careful to that the agency is proposing to you: the organic positioning is another service and job respect to one campaign with advertising announcement placing to payment in Pay for Clic!


You place much attention also to the “emergencies” offered from some agencies, that they guarantee the double quantity of the positionings acquires to you (sure, but not guaranteeing the keywords to you that you have acquired: laws well the guarantee and the contract before signing!!)


The better agency will propose you some solutions, will collect and analyze turns out obtained to you in order then to set up and to test new instruments in a position to progressively increasing your return of investment (ROI), because your satisfaction is its happened one.





I have written this minium-guide in order to clear some relative little clear aspects you to the activity of the Web Marketing in Italy, to my warning, is above all for the little information that true and just a boom in the promotion on Internet still has not happened.


In fact, if all knew how much a advertising campaign on-line, set up with the just instruments of Web Marketing, it is more profitable regarding the publicity on the average traditional, the volume of the advertising market on Internet would be comparable to that television one.


The guide wants to be a “small cue” for the revaluation of advertising means on-line and an aid in the choice of the ideal partner.




Something you is not clear?


For information on the guide or clarifications, then to contact to me to:




You want to publish this guide on your situated one ?


This minium-guide, can free of charge be rivers re-published and distributed on whichever digital support them (floppy, cd-rom, pages web, printed publication paper etc.) provided that the present contents and connections in the same one remain.


You have the freedom to modify the colors and the layout graphical of the guide in order to adapt it to your requirements. It only remembers not to modify link and the contents.


Thanks and good web marketing,


Michele De Capitani

(President of Prima Posizione Srl)